Robert Dubbs Piano Lessons
Experience the joy of learning modern piano composition and highly acclaimed works of the classical composer as you enrich yourself with the smooth sounds of jazz and classical piano medleys being performed by your own hands as Robert helps you discover this creative talent you never realized you were capable of when your heart and mind come together hamoniously as your fingers suddenly dance and glide accross the keys performing such elegant and exquisite composures.
Robert Dubbs is a distinguished and well established pianist who has been teaching private piano for over 30 years.

He possesses a passion for music and holds a Masters Degree in Piano Performing and Music Theory Background from the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Robert has performed for many in the local Cleveland area in well known venues including Carnegie Hall, The Art Museum of Cleveland, Severance Hall, and a number of Universities along side many well recognized local Cleveland musicians.
Adults and children of all ages will enjoy learning the piano at all styles and levels with Roberts completely versitile style of teaching the fundamentals of piano performance. With a most wide array of knowledge and utmost familiarity with the most world renown classical and jazz compositions, you will learn all the basics and improvisations of piano playing from a seasoned professional of this wonderful performing art.
You may schedule a class with Robert by calling 216-357-3034

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Robert Dubbs M.M.
1801 E. 12 street
Cleveland, OH 44114